Ferry Boat Information

For 1st time visits to Drummond Island:  after arriving in Detour you will make the next right hand turn after the gas station, the ferry line is to the right along this road and sometimes will run around the corner back where you came from so be aware.  Vehicles are waived on the ferry by a deck hand or the captain.   ATTENTION:  Please note that the Drummond Island Ferry Fee's are round trip.  You do not have to pay leaving the island!!  Also, the ferry fee is collected after you've driven on the ferry, most often as it is going across.   Credit Cards are NOT ACCEPTED.  Cash only! 


    If for any reason this Ferry is off schedule it could be "Running Wild" which means very busy time people either leaving or coming to the island.  The ferry will then constantly run back and forth, to accommodate best as they can.  The Drummond Island ferry IV can accommodate roughly 30-38 vehicles.  The ferry could also be off schedule do to an emergency such as an ambulance.  Please know, Drummond Island has the most dedicated and extraordinary fire rescue and ambulance crews.  If there is an emergency call 911.  This is the fastest and most efficient way to get the urgent care that is needed.  I don't mean to scare any one away but in the summer of 2015 we had a motorcycle accident, the driver was staying at the campground, friends and family not familiar with Drummond took it upon them selves to try and get him medical care off the island.  Of course there was conflicts with the ferry schedule, by the time I was made aware of the situation, they were sitting at the ferry.  I called the ferry to alert them someone was hurt and the ferry came back as fast as they could but then it was a race to alert Detour Ambulance and make all the connections necessary for this person.  So please know we do have professional and efficient rescue people prepared for such emergencies.  

    While driving on Drummond you'll also experience people waiving as they drive by.  It's a gesture that has become second had to residents.  I do it without even thinking.  Although, there was that time Mrs. B asked me at Sune's grocery, why I hadn't waved to her the day before.  It's a polite gesture, that I honestly think started with everyone just recognizing vehicles and people.  Most everyone knows each other but we don't have time to just stop and talk each time, you wouldn't get anywhere and you wouldn't get anything done.  Now, both tourists and locals will do this wave.  Sometimes after I drive off the ferry Detour side I find myself doing it and I'll get a funny reaction.  I just remember not to do it when visiting Detroit.

   Incidentally, four cars at our four corners is considered a car jam on Drummond. Unless your involved with one of these jeep functions.  Any case you'll have a great time and drive safe.  Hopefully you'll find this information helpful whether your staying at Trailhead Campground or not.  Please don't hesitate to check out our restaurant or have a cold one at the bar.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again,  Missy